What is Halal?

'Halal' is an Arabic word, and it translates into English as 'permissable', 'lawful' or 'allowed'. Muslims use the term halal to identify what is allowed in any aspect of lifestyle.


In most people mind 'Halal' refers to food, whether or not it is prepared according to the Islamic dietary standard.

It's not just about food.

As mentioned above, there are allowed and disallowed aspects in every single part of life, for example dressing, earning, public conduct and conversations.

  • how to run a business
  • etiquette for conversation
  • public conduct
  • clothes and much more
Basic Islamic Practise.

There are many verses explaining halal and haraam in the Qur'an and Hadith, including: 'Good things are made lawful for you.' Qur'an 5:4.


Today, the term 'halal' appears on labels in many consumers and retailers because by nature halal foods adhere to good quality and environmental standards. Therefore secular businesses do add this identification on their products.

Certification Authorities

In order to be a credible halal restaurant or store, there are certification authorities around the world that do required verification and issue halal certificates if the organisation complies with standard.

The authority audits the organisation according to their criteria and once these have been successfully passed, that organisation will recieve a certificate.

A few examples of Certification Authorities around the world include:
International Centre at
the Council of Russia Muftis
Certification Authority
М-haditec GmbH
Germany, Switzerland, Austria
Certification Authority
Halal Certification Agency
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Islamic Cultural Centre.
The Muslim Center at
the Cathedral of the Paris Mosque.