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HalalDelivery is the only global holistic Halal food platform.

Want to become our partner, we have two prerequisite criteria
- if you are a restaurant or cafe, you need to have halal only kitchen
- you need to have your own delivery team
If it is "yes" for both, then pelase get in touch, we are actively recruiting new partners.

Partnering with us is quick and easy, we have proprietary technology to provide partners with seamless lead generation process.

We give parners full control to their online assets on HalalDelivery platform by giving them access to information such as menu, gallery, opening times and ability to change offers whenever needed.

Our state-of-art ordering platform with simple halal status marking system made us well accepted and used in more than 20 countries across the globe.

Partner with us and join a brand with truly versatile experince in halal niche across the globe.

Our users are mainly millenials who like the conveniency of ordering food online and they do it regularly. Tap into a new niche, join us today!

Put your restaurant or store at the fingertips of thousands of users of HalalGroup platforms.

By joining our platform you exposing your brand and services to 3 mln Muslims across the UK and also abroad.

Boost your business by partnering with the worlds largest digital Halal ecosystem provider

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